A smile is a form of nonverbal communication that shows the intentions and sentiments of a person. But there are three kinds of people who take care of your smile and make sure that you keep grinning all the time. First is you, second is the person that initiates that smile, third and probably the most important person who takes care of it is your dentist who makes sure that you never shy away from showing those teeth.

Dental surgery is as old as the Indus Valley civilization itself. The importance of dental health even in those ancient times meant crucial thus the methods were devised for dental surgery that is still considered effective. Ancient Sumerians, Egyptians, and Greek contributed considerable information to the subject, and the procedures were finally perfected with French physicians of the nineteenth century.

Dentistry has now evolved into a complex branch of medical science that deals with all the aspects of taking care of the teeth. By a combination of surgery, medicinal treatment, and cosmetic changes, a dentist tries his best to keep a perpetual smile on his the face of his patient. Being associated with the highest level of skilled individuals, having a career in the dentistry nowadays is not just extremely lucrative but also very noble. Below are 10 reasons to become a dentist:

1.Dentists are highly trained and experienced.

The job of a dental surgeon is a tough one. With limited space for diagnosis and operations, the job demands a steady hand as well as precision. Having immaculate knowledge of the oral orifice to the tiniest of details, a dental surgeon performs his job in conjunction with a collection of hi-tech equipment. Dental surgeons are meticulous and skilled individuals who have gone through rigorous training to achieve their level of professionalism. Through four years of thorough research, practice, and study, a dental surgeon is made, and the process does not end here. Like many medical practitioners, a licensed dental surgeon needs to earn enough experience to be able to start his private practice.

2.Only the best have a chance.

Getting into a dental surgery school is just as taxing as the study itself since all the dental schools in the world choose the brainiest and the most studious of all students. Due to a limited number dentistry schools and available seats, the competition is fierce among the students, and only the top of the lot get selected. Such narrow criteria for student selection is to ensure that only the finest of the individuals should be given a chance to forge themselves as skilled dental surgeons.

3.Highly prestigious and respected.

A Dentist enjoys a lucrative career that is marked by prestige, success, and respect. Whether they work by associating themselves with a medical facility or independently, their need is inevitable since people should visit a dentist at least twice or thrice a year. The profession is regarded with respect among the people and among their medical peers who salute them for meticulousness and attention to detail.

4.Serious career option

The people are serious about the dental profession, and they are now considering this as a good option which was not quite the same some years ago. When people search for the good dentist, then it is important that they chose the best dental service provider and that speaks the volumes about the reputation. The serious demand of the dentists and the higher income returns are the reasons for pursuing this career. Every day the dentists have to face new challenges, and they can make a difference to the people’s lives through this.

5.Dentists are their bosses.

The dentists and the dental practitioners can be their bosses, and they do not have to follow someone else footsteps or the career so as to get successful. Helping the people so that they can get relief from a toothache and the pain can be a great factor in choosing this brilliant career. The dentists are always in command of the situation, and they always are in the control of hiring the staff, and through that, they can achieve the set goals.

6.A privilege of a cheap medical insurance.

Another perk of becoming a dentist is the fact that you get medical insurance a lot cheaper and you won’t have to pay for going to the dentist. I know it is a small perk, but it is an upside to becoming a dentist. Going to school for 8+ years looks good if being a dentist just isn’t for you. It is really easy to make a seamless transition to another job in the medical field because of the education you have. If you didn’t want to stay in the medical field then going to school for eight plus years looks good on your resume. People hire on the fact that you have a good education and when they see many years you went to school they will be very impressed with your achievements.

7.You get high salaries and rewards.

The dentists are highly paid and get fine perks. This is an imperative reason why students pursue this career. As per one study, the lowest salary for a dentist is approximate US$ 71,870 per year, while the highest slot receives around US$ 166,400 a year. This amount is far superior to others professions.

8.You have an enduring job.

When you practice dentistry, you get a lasting and secure career. This is why you keep seeing numerous career options floats in the dental world market. There is no age limit to work as a dentist. You can work as long as you want to carry forward in your career.

9.Many opportunities for advancement and specialization.
You have various opportunities to go for a specialization from a wide quantity of choices obtainable for dentists. You can choose to be a maxillofacial surgeon, an oral surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist, or opt to be an investigating person.

10.To serve the community.

Dentists guide patients in maintaining oral health. A dentist diagnoses and treats common oral conditions such as cavities and potentially serious conditions such as oral cancer and gum disease. Dentists educate patients in oral care and disease prevention techniques they can perform on at home. Some dentists perform cosmetic procedures to straighten or repair damaged teeth. This provides patients with greater confidence in their appearance.

The profession of dentistry is growing popular rapidly. Being a dentist means someone who can brighten your smile and make you look beautiful. So how can a profession that does such a noble thing not be respected in the society?